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  • Encoding | Real media, G2 Surestream, MP3, AIF, Windows Media, Liquid Audio, QuickTime, YouTube
  • Video | Mastering, Editing, Encoding, Restoration,
  • Vinyl To Cd | Restoration, Professional Recording, Mixes, Noise Removal, Sound Design,
  • Audio | Mastering, Editing, Encoding, Restoration
  • Graphic Design | Party Invitations,  Banners,  Logo's, T-shirts, Posters & Websites
  • Web Design & Layout | Html, JavaScript, Flash 3- MX, ActionScript media services : Flo-vibes background in media services stems from previously employment with Sonic Foundry. As we all know by now the tech bubble busted and everyone has to fend for themselves, by creating their own commerce. With no other choice became a strong contender in the field with experience in Audio/ Video Encoding, Mastering and editing, Web front end design, layout and graphic design

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