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Jason Philip
Jack Obregon
Dale Yeoman
I can’t really recall exactly what was going through my head, but I know I wanted to do something that I can really call mine. Not to say that I don’t allow ideas that are not my own, but to have other people involved that have a similar vision. Even before Jack and Dale were involved, Gang Lu was something that I wanted to be unconstrained by rules and genre classes. It was only an idea then. Now, it seems that our creations are only limited by our imagination. This is how I envision music. This is what I have wanted from the first time I picked up a guitar. Being able to create and record music without anything in the way.

What is music to me? It is self expression. A way to define one’s self that I feel has been lost by most of the major recording industry. Real emotion replaced by sounds and images that look and sound like commercials rather than art. This is where I differ from the majority. I feel that there is music available that is artistic. We just need to look beyond commercial radio and television. I really believe that Gang Lu is that form of art

  Dale Yeoman, a native of Montreal, Canada, joined Gang Lu in 2003 as lead vocalist. She brings to the electronic sound of Gang Lu musical influences ranging from Tori Amos to Delerium to Sting. Dale’s lyric and melodic contributions to the band include songs “Overtaken” and “Can’t Breathe”, expressing a soulful and ethereal style. Encompassing emotional, political and spiritual issues, her lyrical themes address social integration, ethics, love and identity. Dale’s musical vision evolves amid a diverse mix of progressive folk, rock and electronica, intending to influence and inspire.